Effective as of the September 9, 2013

At Moco Insight, we respect and protect the privacy of visitors to our website mocoinsight.com and our customers who use our Moco Insight software platform (www.moco.io), tools and services offered on our website. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how we collect and use visitors and customers information, particularly personal information, as part of our service. The information Moco Insight collects and uses is limited to the purpose for which customers engage Moco Insight and other purposes expressly described in this Policy. Any discussion of your use of the Service in this Policy is meant to include your visits and other interactions with the Moco Insight Websites, whether or not you are a user of Moco Insight’s products.

1. Definitions

For the purpose of this Policy we have outlined the following definitions:
We, Us, and Moco Insight: we’re referring to Moco Media Pty Ltd.
You: we’re referring to the person or entity that’s registered with us to Moco Insights Services.
Website: refers to Moco Insight’s website (mocoinsight.com), platform (insight.moco.io) and any Account Instances.

2. Changes

If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, we’ll post them on the Website and send them to the last email address you gave us. Any changes will be effective as of the date we post on the Website or send the email (or whichever date is later). You may object to any changes within 20 days after they’re posted on our Website or delivered to you, in which case none of the proposed changes will be effective with respect to information that we’ve already collected from you, but will apply only to information we collect in the future. We won’t treat any Account differently from any other Account. If you object to changes in our Privacy Policy, we’ll have to terminate your account. That said, if we ever changed our Privacy Policy to expand our rights to use or disclose Personal Information for marketing purposes, you‘d be able to opt out without termination.

3. Effective Date

This Privacy Policy is effective from the Commencement Date (“Commencement Date”) of your free trial or paid subscription, depending on which version was first activated by You.

4. Questions

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to update, delete, or change any Personal Information you’ve submitted on the Website, please use our contact form to get in touch. You may also contact us by postal mail at: Moco Insight Privacy Department PO Box 322, Abbotsford, Vic, 3066, Australia.


5. Information We Collect

5.1 Information You Provide to Us: When you register to use the Services, communicate with our customer service team, send us an email, or post on our blog, you’re giving us information that we collect. That information may include your IP address, name, physical address, email address, phone number, credit card information, and other details like gender, occupation, and other demographic information. By giving us this information, you consent to your information being collected, used, disclosed, and stored by us, only as described in our Privacy Policy.

5.2 List and Email Information: When you add an email Distribution List or create an email with the Services, we have we have access to the data on your list and the information in your email.

5.3 Information from your Use of the Service: We may get information about how and when you use the Services. This information may include your IP address, time, date, browser used, and actions taken by you within the application.

5.4 Cookies: When you register to use Moco Insight, we store “cookies,” which are strings of code, on your computer. We use those cookies to collect information about when you visit our Website, when you use the Services, your browser type and version, your operating system, and other similar information. You may turn off cookies that have been placed on your computer by following the instructions on your browser, but if you block our cookies, it may be more difficult (and maybe even impossible) to use the Services. When you play one of the videos on the Websites, the Flash player may use local shared objects, which are also called Flash cookies. We don’t use these Flash cookies for anything, but we can’t stop the player from dropping them (we tried).

5.5 Web Beacons: When we send emails to registered Moco Insight customers, we’ll sometimes track who opened the emails and who clicked the links. We do that to measure our Email Campaigns’ performance and to improve our features for specific segments of customers. To do this, we include single pixel gifs, also called web beacons, in emails we send. Web beacons allow us to collect information about when you open the email, your IP address, your browser or email client type, and other similar details. We also include Web Beacons in the emails we deliver for you. We use the data from those Web Beacons to create the reports you see about who has or hasn’t opened emails or clicked links. Reports are also available to us when we send you email, so we may collect and review that information.

5.6 Information from Other Sources: We may get more information about you, like name, age, and participation in social media websites, by searching the internet or querying third parties (we’ll refer to that information as Supplemental Member Information). We only collect data that’s publicly available or provided by a third party according to its terms of use.

6. Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We may use and disclose your Personal Information only as follows:

6.1 To promote use of our Services. For example, if you leave your Personal Information when you visit our Website and don’t finish setting up your company Account, we may send you an email asking whether you want to finish the sign up process. And if you use any of our Services, and we think you might benefit from using another Service we offer, we may send you an email telling you about it.

6.2 To bill and collect money owed to us. This includes sending you emails, invoices, receipts, notices of delinquency, and alerting you if we need a different credit card number. We use third parties for secure credit card transaction processing, and we send billing information to those third parties to process your orders and credit card payments.

6.3 To send you System Alert Messages. For example, we may let you know about temporary or permanent changes to our Services, like planned outages, new features, version updates, releases, abuse warnings, and changes to our Privacy Policy.

6.4 To enforce compliance with our Terms and conditions and applicable law. This may include developing tools and algorithms that help us prevent violations.

6.5 To provide customer support.

6.6 To protect the rights and safety of our customers and third parties, as well as our own.

6.7 To meet legal requirements like complying with court orders and valid subpoenas.

6.8 To provide information to representatives and advisors, like attorneys and accountants, to help us comply with legal, accounting, or security requirements.

6.9 To prosecute and defend a court, arbitration, or similar proceeding.

6.10 To support and improve the Services we offer.

6.11 To communicate with you about your account for informational, not promotional, reasons.

6.12 To transfer your information in the case of a sale, merger, consolidation, or acquisition. In that event, any acquirer will be subject to our obligations under this Privacy Policy.

6.13 To send you informational and promotional content that you may choose (or “opt in”) to receive. You can stop receiving our promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in every email.

7. Public Information and Third Parties

7.1 Blog. We have public blogs on our Websites. Any information you include in a comment on our blog may be read, collected, and used by anyone. If your Personal Information appears on our blogs and you’d like it to be removed, contact us here. If we’re not able to remove your information, we’ll let you know why.

7.2 Links to Third-Party Sites. Our Websites include links to other websites, whose privacy practices may be different from Moco Insight’s. If you submit Personal Information to any of those sites, your information is governed by their privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any Website you visit.

8. Your Distribution Lists

Our customer lists are stored on a secure server. We don’t sell our customer lists or share these lists with any other party, unless it’s required by law.

We’ll use and disclose the information in your customer lists only for the reasons listed under Use of Your Personal Information, except the following:

bill or collect money owed to us send you system alert messages communicate with you about your account send you informational and promotional content

9. Notice of Breach of Security

Nobody’s safe from hackers. If a security breach causes an unauthorised intrusion into our system that materially affects our customers, then Moco Insight will notify you as soon as possible and later report the action we took in response.

10. Safeguarding Your Information

10.1 To protect your information, our credit card processing vendor uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure transactions. Our vendor is certified as compliant with card association security initiatives, like the Visa Cardholder Information Security and Compliance (CISP), MasterCard® (SDP), and Discovery Information Security and Compliance (DISC).

10.2 Moco Insight Accounts require a username and password to log in. You must keep your username and password secure, and never disclose it to a third party. Account passwords are encrypted, which means we can’t see your passwords. We can’t resend forgotten passwords either. We can only reset them.

11. Accuracy of Data, Transparency, and Choice

We do our best to keep your data accurate and up to date, to the extent that you provide us with the information we need to do that. If your data changes (like a new email address), then you’re responsible for notifying us of those changes.

We’ll give you access to any Personal Information about you that we hold within 30 days of any request for that information you make by emailing support@mocoinsight.com. Unless it’s prohibited by law, we’ll remove any Personal Information about you from our servers at your request.

12. Customer Testimonials

We post customer testimonials on our website which may contain personally identifiable information. We do obtain the customer’s consent via email prior to posting the testimonial to post their name along with their testimonial

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