Carolyn Harrington CEO

Carolyn Harrington

Carolyn brings to Moco Insight both proven leadership and marketing/sales expertise. Passionate about giving customers what they want Carolyn has worked around the world with companies such as HSBC, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Carolyn has successfully worked and built a range of companies such as a recruitment, sponsorship and a software company. Each company had the same goal find a customers problem and build a solution that solves it for them simply.

Rob Davies Founder, CTO

Rob Davies

Rob began his career as an Outdoor Educator but soon found his inner geek when he took a job at a printing firm helping them install their new IT systems. He impressed the supplier so much they offered him a job and within two years Rob was running their Research and Development Department.

Since then Rob has successfully set up numerous IT companies who have sold data driven software systems to Thomas Cook, the Australian Air Force, Technology One and Mincom. Our resident futurologist, Rob is always one step ahead of the data trends in terms of predicting company systems requirement needed to service their customers.

Dale O'Brien CIO

Dale O'Brien

Dale has many years developing and implementing software systems for the automotive, medical and financial industries. He has been instrumental in the development of Moco Insight’s product offering by applying his personal interest of using data to identify human behavioural patterns into the core design of our systems.

By developing in the agile technologies such as Python and Django, Dale has built a highly flexible data analytic tool that creates a customised reporting system for each client. No cookie cutting tool for our clients.

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