Access all your Magento and Mailchimp data in one place

Simply add your MailChimp and Magento API keys and Moco Insight will bring together all your data into one easy to use platform.

Build automated campaigns triggered by customer behaviour

Create a series of automated marketing campaigns that increases your customer retention and lifetime value. Example campaigns includes 'Welcome', 'Win Back', 'About to lapse', 'Updated your wishlist', and 'Abandoned a cart'.

Segment your customers based on their profiles

Use Moco Insight's sophisticated segmentation capabilities to build customer segments using all their Magento and MailChimp profile data.

Add to or create new segments in MailChimp

Moco Insight is the perfect partner technology for MailChimp. We provide the sophisticated segmentation tools so you can add to an existing MailChimp segment or upload a newly created segment using your customers purchase history. Then use MailChimp to deliver your winning campaign.

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